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Silage Bunkers

Silage Bunkers for maize, crop and grass

We construct high quality concrete bunkers for maize, crop and grass silage
The juices that leach out from silage can be very aggressive on concrete, resulting in corrosion and damage to the concrete surface. Our Chapman Dairy™ designed silage bunkers counteract this and are built to be tough and long lasting.

Our construction method incorporates a heavy-duty reinforced concrete floor with concrete tilt panel walls, either 1.8m or 2.4m high.

We lean the walls out slightly at the top so that even when the silage shrinks in the stack, it maintains contact with the walls.

It's important to minimise the air gap  that could otherwise form here, which would result in spoiled silage.

Silage Bunker-559
Concrete silage bunker showing tilted wall feature

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